POP UP 26 is a gastronomic playground where we showcase new food concepts and happenings.
The lifespan of each pop-up depends on the current season and popularity, but just as much our 
interests and what we think the Copenhagen food scene is missing.

Our current pop-up in the restaurant is Mes + Meille

Mes og Meille are two of our other restaurants where we strive to give guests an “affordable luxury”-experience based on local foods in season.
In following months POP UP 26 will serve a menu based on Mes and Meille’ philosophy – but more edgy…

Starting May 6th we will introduce POP UP OYSTER BAR.

Stop by for a broad selection of oysters and bubbles by the glass.

Keep an eye out for future pop-ups here..

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POP UP 26, Store Regnegade 26, 1110 København K


Store Regnegade 26
1110 Copenhagen

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Opening hours

Monday – Saturday
4pm – 11pm
Service closes at 10pm

Closed Sunday


+45 50 62 26 02